Accord of the Princes of Law

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The Accord of the Princes of Law was a compact first openly agreed upon in the year 2525 by ambassadors of several governments in Verdida, Dúrandwor, namely the Skymark, the Kingdom of Erechóreb, the Gorcorumbese Empire of the Ephysgæes, the Sultanate of Zarajove, the Empire of Medibgö, the Kingdom of Oliblish, the Commonwealth of the Ithrads, the Kingdom of Dagdoria, and the Kingdom of Thrain. In the compact, they acknowledged the need for lawful governments to sustain the power of lawfulness and resist the forces of Chaos[1]. The Accord has become an important component of international law and many other principalities have become signatories or affirmed it. Its effect on many aspects of life such as the proscribed worship of chaos divinities and the liberties of printing persists today[2].

The original accord was written in the Medibgóëse Language.

Subsequent Acceptation of the Accord by States



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