Adamantine Mountains

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The reaches of the Adamantine Mountains may not reach as high as the Jaggudorns, but they surely cover a greater extent of the earth. So called for the reputed pockets of diamonds, the Adamantines are also tough places where Geddamin tribes forge an existence considered something above savagery. Dragons too are purported to make their dens in the Adamantines despite the dragonhunts of the Geddamin who are often the prey as well as the predator. The western ranges were the ancestral home of the Zarajoveni.

Map of the Adamantine Mountains

Geographic Situation

The Adamantine Mountains lie south of the lands of Eloaria, including the lands of Rhovania, Rhovundy, and Axophotia. The tongue of the Sea of a Thousand Curses brushes their far eastern slopes, while the desert winds of the Weshif sandblast its southern range. The waters of the Leh-Shelekhumbis River gather and flow from the midst of the Adamantines and empty by a circuitous route through the Sultanate of Beph-Themesh into the Bay of Elántuventh and the Memnosian Sea.


The Adamantines can be dry in the summer, but receive adequate rains in the winter and spring. The high sierras of the Adamantines are dusted with heavy snows in the mid winter that melts to fill the torrents of the upper Leh-Shelekhumbis River.


Dwarven adventurers make a name for themselves, returning with booty of diamonds and other treasures, and as often are lost forever in the folds of the Adamantine Mountains or slain by fierce Geddamin giants. The Adamantine Geddamin have befriended their cousins in Gorcorumb, but are so disunited and quarrelsome that they fortunately have failed to become a single kingdom which is in the best interest of the human nations that ring these mountains.

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