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Artist's depiction of Addan

675 AS, d ca. 625 AS. Addan Zuconaks, Born in the first millennium before Salmakhamer, the demi-god son of Feath Magdaia and the mortal hero Zuconus was transformed at the end of his life into a true demi-god. He represents the folly of hearty strength combined with flashes of uncanny divine inspiration. Mortals endeavoring to complete difficult quests and those who must exert strength seek his worship. He was a free adventurer and particularly beloved in Corundy (ancient Kalama or Midretasso), the land of his birth. Men often address him in prayer or give small offerings at his shrines. In Vimalia, he is considered equivalent to the hero Shalukka.

ADDAN Story of Addan

Born of Zuconus, Midretassene Hero, and Goddess Feath Magdaia

  • great strength (cf. Hercules), zest for living, seems like foolish oaf, yet an uncanny, naïve insight into truth.
  • caught between the conflict between Midringir Tribes and last city-states of Kalama.
  • becomes demi-god after death


  • he must dress as she-giant to fool menacing giant into help
  • works as slave to kings of Midretasso—is made ‘substitute’ king, but slays priests who would sacrifice him.
  • philosopher-beak-vultures of Heruliconia—sent to slay them (cf. Labors of Hercules), They try to eat Addan’s brains, are unable to do it, and then decide through sophistry that he may be particularly bright—so they take him to their king, so that he can eat Addan’s brains. But Addan manages to get away through poor reasoning of his own.
  • Slays the water dragons of Lake Vimala
  • finally, reveals plot to slay kings—is granted freedom
  • father taken hostage—quest to rescue father
  • father slain in process, Addan goes on a blood rampage, slaying enemy (Jykki?)
  • dynastic struggles, Woman becomes Queen of ‘country’ (perhaps, Sefenneh? or another state?)
  • Addan becomes slave to Queen
  • journey to underworld to revive life of friend
  • founds his own kingdom (in east? in Danona?)
  • heroic death
  • becomes demi-god

Cult of Addan

Addan is honored as a demi-god since ancient times. His cult is particularly popular in Corundy, Throvy, Ithatia, and Ebinóë.

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