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The adexorn [Terranization from Anglo-Saxon 'adex' + 'horn'] is a kind of galimshara used in Corundy, Throvy, Yephalah, and Shelekhumbia. The creature is a great lizard, four-legged, with stubby, somewhat curling horns. Scholars believe they were domesticated no later than the sixth millennium before Salmakhamer (about 5500 AS). The adult adexorn measures 6 to 14 meters long, typically around 9m long. They have somewhat slender bodies. Some varieties have the morphology of a gecko. Like other galimshara, they must be placed under the law-lock in order to be effectively used by humans. They are not as difficult to control as gibgibsews nor do they require as much training as drakelings. They are not as sturdy as objutes, require more water than objutes, move faster than objutes, but are not nearly as swift as gibgibsews. They are one of the most common reptilian beasts of burden in the regions where they are commonly found. They live about 20 to 25 years.

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