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A panphilic vapor that comes from a subterranean fungus called naphtalia is used to fill lighter-than-air balloons and dirigibles. Alchemists and wizard-tinkerers would also commonly produce their own small amounts of aeolian vapor for experimentation. It is non-flammable but pan-chargeable, that is, it can be charged with magical energy. The Dwarves of the Jaggudorns and the Geddamin of Gorcorumb produce the most aeolian vapor and developed its use in the 1060's. Aeolian vapor is not toxic but is not oxygen and inhaling it produces an absence of oxygen, so it can induce suffocation. Aeolian vapor craft became widely used among humans in the 1100's AI. It is not considered titancraft, but helped bridge the gap between conventional skycraft and titancraft skyships over the centuries. Aeolian vapor is essential for the creation and use of Murshadak's Chamber which is itself an application of titancraft technology to the use of aeolian vapor. Murshadak discovered in 2487 that a variable magical charge can enable the modulation of the buoyant property of aeolian vapor. The operator of the aerobarge may thus control the ascent and descent of the craft.

With the invention of Murshadak's Chamber in the middle of the twenty fifth century and the invention of the aerobarge in the early twenty sixth century, aeolian vapor became high sought for military and commercial purposes. Aeolian vapor is cultivated throughout the world, especially the Jaggudorns, eastern Barathorn, and Zephasia.

Aeolian vapor has been harvested in the eastern valleys of the Jaggudorns for several centuries. It is collected from the naphtalia fungus that requires a cool, moist environment.

It was an important strategic material in the First Kalikán Empire. Industrial harvesting of aeolian vapor continues well to the present day. Today, aeolian vapor remains widely used for municipal aerobarge lines and for low altitude skyfreighters. While not as effective as coelodermic volitundum, aeolian vapor chambers are significantly cheaper.


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