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An aerobarge car hovers above a riven in Aurice.

The aerobarge, sometimes called a skybarge, is based upon the vaporcraft, employing the use of skycraft lift wings capable rudder and tail, but also adding a Meteorisis Chamber for added lift. The vessel, like the vaporcraft, lacks a lower set of skysails and thus can land and take off as necessary in small space. The aerobarge was not designed to fly more than one hundred meters above the ground and is ideal for negotiating the difficult terrain and spring snows of the Jaggudorns. The aerobarge is the technological successor to the windbarge.

With the invention of the meteorisis chamber, the aerobarge has been subsequently improved and is widely used in mountainous regions and in major cities of the Pallathantic Region for public transportation where its aerial transit is ideal for over-passing slopes, terrain, and rivens.


Thracian inventor, Deif Skaivund created the aerobarge, a practical development of the vaporcraft in 2517. The vessel was laughed at originally due to its boat-like shape and need to fly low. It became very practical for transporting heavy cargo up and down the slopes of western Thrace and its use spread throughout the Jaggudorns and Pytharnia. The vessel came to play an important role in the shipment of personnel and materiel for the New Kalikán Empire. Its ability to carry much more cargo than traditional skybarges ensured its future.

Murshadak's Chamber Employing Craft

Today there are dozens of kinds of craft that use the modern Murshadak's Chamber for controlled ascent and descent. Some types of uses are:

  • municipal aerobarge
  • skyfreighter
  • fishing aerobarges

Municipal Aerobarge Service

In the early twenty seventh century, aerobarge craft could be hired much like modern taxi service. These craft were tolerated as they are designed to levitate lower over the ground, usually around thirty feet. Early service saw accidents as craft collided. City governments began to regulate the permitted corridors and maximum altitude for various types of craft. Trevirs and other major cities of Pytharnia began regular aerobarge passenger service in the late 2600's with regular stops and fares. Most aerobarge service provides transportation for commuters between the suburbs and city interior or for connecting travel between the skyport and the dragonrail station.

Aurician Aerobarge Lines

The city of Aurice has eight aerobarge lines that serve the city and some of the neighboring islands. The first aerobarge lines offered regular service around 2615. Each aerobarge craft is about 35 by 20 feet with a regular cruising altitude of about thirty feet as required by municipal law. The craft can rise much higher, but are not permitted above about sixty feet for safety reasons as the craft are only designed for very low altitudes. The operator may need to raise the craft to above thirty feet to fly over some buildings and bridges. Generally, they are required to operate above the rivens to avoid possible mishaps over structures.

Bryndydine Aerobarge Lines

Bryndyd has over twenty aerobarge lines that serve the core city and the numerous cities and towns in the Shirdhain Lumeais peninsula. They are required to fly over streets, roads, and when possible, the coast to avoid collision with buildings. They may not fly above about fifty feet for reasons of safety. Bryndydine aerobarge craft of several different sizes regulated by the city.

Trevirite Aerobarge Lines

Trevirs was one of the earliest major cities to adopt regular aerobarge service. Trevirs has eighteen aerobarge lines that serve the greater city of Trevirs and neighboring cities and towns. Some of these lines employ different kinds of craft, including craft that provide shuttle service to the inner Great Skynesses of Medibgö.

Armored Aerobarge

The armored aerobarge first arose in the last quarter of the twenty sixth century.

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