Agairth Srunamba

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b 2528, d 2593. Agairth Srunamba was the first Archduke of Asbardy after the Great Sky War. A native Asbardian, Srunamba was one of the leaders of the League of Pytharnia which revolted against the Thracian Empire. He fought in the Battle of Pytharnia, 2573. Later that year, he led nobles to overthrow the Viceroyal Duke of Asbardy who was the Thracian-installed ruler of the land. Again, Srunamba led Pytharnians to victory in the Second Battle of Jardonia, 2574. In 2576, Srunamba was crowned archduke of the newly created Archduchy of Asbardy. In 2587, the archduchy hosted the Congress of Bryndyd. He had ordered the restoration of the Basilica of Saint Treel in Eshmoon to house the diplomats and magistrates. Archduke Agairth was succeeded by his son, Guspean Srunamba.

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