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b 83 AI, Pallathandë, Pallathas Island, d 167 AI, died Upharios, Maturn Island, Ithatian scholar and priest of the goddess Magdë. Agdaskalos is known for his studies and writings of the pre-Gwenyan peoples, the Neptultchi, the Thyrians, and most especially the Thetzisari. Historians regard Agdaskalos as one of the forefathers of the Golden Age of Ithatian Philosophy.

Agdaskalos, an Ithatian scholar of the second century, records the account of the creation of humans according to the Thetzisari. The gods first created the feyfolk, spirits of the air, and the trollfolks, spirits of the earth. The feyfolk and the trollfolk through various encounters intermingled and produced a hybrid race. The feyfolk desired the beautiful children of these unions and the trollfolk demanded the strong offspring and strife arose. The goddess Mágdë interceded and clipped the points of the ears of the offspring, resulting in a race that was neither lithe like the fey nor oafish like the trolls and thus created humans.


Collection of Thetzisari Idioms

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