Age of Ice

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The Age of Ice is identified by mageologers as a great period of time when glaciers covered many portions of the northern and probably southern hemispheres. Magdeologers are uncertain when this period began, but believe it ended about 17,000 years ago (roughly around 14,300 AS). They believe there was a pocket of some twenty centuries between the end of the Age of Ice and the Great Flood of Aturyanda. The relationship between the end of the great glaciers and the great flood remains uncertain. Scholars have not reached a consensus about the veracity and usefulness of ancient legends, such as from Kalama and the dwarves, in understanding the Age of Ice.

Magdeologers propose that great sheets of ice covered over half of Barathorn, much of Pytharnia, and all of the High Shadevan Plateau. Likewise, it is believed that Skaligdæ was nearly entirely covered with ice.

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