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Even the history of humanlikes is vast and cannot be accounted by the life of a mortal human. The Ages of Asdar divides the past twenty thousand or so years into generally accepted divisions of history and prehistory. These periods focus on the history of the West.

Ages of Asdar

Decline of Age of Ice

ca 20,000 AS to 14,300 AS, (ca 5,700 years)

Decline of Age of Ice


14,300 to 11,773 (2527 years)

Earliest interglacial times, culminating in the Flood of Aturyanda. This is sometimes called the Age of High Titanic Civilization, but the term is not universal as some historians reject the titanist view.


11,773 to 10,900 (873 years)

This period is subsumed within the Age of Ice and Blood, below.

Age of Ice and Blood

10,900 to 7,770 AS (3130 years)

Ancient Age of Chaos

ca seventh millennium (7000 AS to 6000 AS) before Salmakhamer (ca 1,000 years)

Gwenyan Migrations

4000 AS to 1 AS (ca 4000 years)

Pre-Yophenthean Empires

1 AS to 400 AI (ca 400 years)

Yophenthean Period

400 AI to 986 AI (ca 600 years)

Middle Ages

1000 to 1200, Yophenthean Successor States (ca 200 years)
1200 to 1800
1800 to 2300, Middle Ages of Chaos (ca 500 years)
2250 to 2400, Isbajutha (ca 150 years)

Modern Period

2300 to 2500, Early Modern Period (ca 200 years)

local and Medibgóëse Empire

2500 to 2590, New Kalikán Empire (ca 90 years)

Most of West ruled by Thracian Monarchy

2590 to 2750, New Modern Period

adaptation of Titancraft technology

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