Agostof of Delesphao

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Known today as Saint Agostof of Delesphao, he was born 1019, Delesphao, Ambrinqua, and died 1085, Aglidice, (lifespan ~66). Agostof was a theologian and archeliopolitan of the Arathracian Church. He wrote several theological works that became important for the Church after it found new direction in the centuries following the collapse of the Yophenthean Empire. He studied the lives of several previous Arathracian Saints, including St. Erreagea. His chief work is The Holy City of Arathrax, completed in 1073. He was solified in 1579 by Sunfather Fihearn II.

Agostof was learned in the Arathracian tradition. He was fluent in Classical Yophenthean, Ambrinquan, and Ebinóëse.

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