Airdred the Wily

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b ~2380, Mondorigor, Goscundy; d ?~2450. Airdred, one of the great wizards of Throvy, chose the arts of chaos magic, but staunchly fought the Anarchs. Legend names his magics as the cause of Airdred’s Waste, a Throe Waste created during the Anarch Wars. Goscundian bards are most famous for singing his legends[1]. His popular appeal in Goscundy is still celebrated today by annual recitations of the Combat of Airdred which gives the legendary account of Airdred in combat against Prince Ulcanov[2].

During his early apprenticeship, Airdred survived death threats and execution attempts at the court of Lord Ulcanov of the Shattered Waters on several occasions. After apprenticeship, Airdred avoided western Throvy, making a name for himself besting chaos mages of the local townships.

Some believe that Airdred secretly wished to become Juffa and thus avoided the court of Prince Ulcanov. This is highly doubtful, however, as Ulcanov was a murderous despot who slew more than just those who sought the role of Juffa. But it is possible that Airdred may have cultivated a pretense to the role of Juffa to further his intrigues against the court of Ulcanov and to enable his survival.

The time and nature of Airdred’s death are disputed, though he is thought to have lived some three score and ten years. Some place his death in or near Airdred's Waste.


Airdred's Waste, in the witchlands in north Throvy, just north of Malvatic Forest, is named after Airdred the Wily.

Airdred is thought to have fathered several offspring, including a line of wizards.


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