Aireánnau Mother of the Folk

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b 208, Bembasule, d 240 (?), Bembasule. The mother by divine conception with the god Arathrax of the eight demi-mortal sons who were the progenitors of the Yophenthean priest-nobles. According to legend, she was only sixteen when she gave birth to Saint Erithraigean. In 240 AI after only nearly 32 years of life, she ascended to the realm of the gods in the fiery sun-chariot of the god Arathrax. To devotées of the Arathracian Religion, she is known simply as St. Aireánnau, sometimes given as Saint Aireánnau, Mother of the Folk, to distinguish from later other women and Saints named Aireánnau.

Born to Arsórean King of the Yophenths and Annárva Queen of the Erigiu, Aireánnau was the first daughter of their union. Legends ascribe many portents and signs associated with her birth and early childhood that foretold her momentous motherhood.


  • Mother of the Children of the God
  • Mother in the Presence of the Holy Son of Amrulon
  • Blessed among mortal women
  • Holy Mother
  • Queen of Lustral Mysteries

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