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A communication system employed among skyfaring people, airhand consists of gestures made almost exclusively with the hands. It differs across the Pallathantic, but has many common elements from region to region. Airhand came closest to standardization during the rule of the New Kalikán Empire, drawing from precedents that began with the Medibgóëse Empire.

Airhand is for communicating on matters of traditional skycraft aviation to a person within five gnödva (6.4 meters) of each other. It is ideal when audibility is impaired due to movement of wind or noise of aerial combat. It is disadvantageous when the communicators cannot directly view one another. For this purpose, airspeech is best which consists of whistling sounds.

Airhand and for that matter airspeech are not employed among Dragon Knights as they must maintain a distance from each other that makes these methods ineffective.

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