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<et-TEEV, et-TYEEV> Little is known of the Common Giant Tribes who held sway over Pytharnia before the advent of the Neptultchi and the Gwenyan Peoples. The ancient Aitiaobh of High Pytharnia are known to us through Kalaman and dwarven accounts as fierce warriors who fought the invading armies of the Neptultchi continually until driven from their ancestral lands into the Disdrire. The Aitiaobh either were chaos-worshipers or converted to the worship of chaos sometime after the advent of the Neptultchi. Despite the powers of Chaos they wielded, the giants eventually had to seek refuge in the southern Disdrire. The historical record repeatedly supports the notion that the Aitiaobh fled in those ancient times to the Realm of Chaos.

The Aitiaobh were one of numerous so-called indigenous giant tribes of the Pytharnian Highlands. They possibly formed a peaceful alliance with other hill tribes of giants. Legend ascribes a great love of springs, streams, lakes, and other places of water to the Aitiaobh. Their magical powers focused upon these places and perhaps were enhanced by their cult chaos practices. They are not known to have been amphibious like the Pomoph-Khashids or the Shachábdin, but their magic may have enabled this unnatural ability for short periods of time.

As a known throe race, the Aitiaobh were thought to have leapt into the Realm of Chaos, probably in flight from the Neptultchi. They are known by later accounts as minions of Chaos who were summoned during the Anarch Wars and these much later accounts corroborate what little is known about their war-beasts, the Hounds of Aitiaobh. During the Anarch Wars, it is said the Aitiaobh blew the Horns of Isbuzirah as the armies of Chaos besieged the cities and towns of Throvy.

The names of a few individual Aitiaobh are known, such as the giantess Ashrikah who was accompanied by giant hounds.

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