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The ancient name for the orbiting Skynesses of Medibgö before the Neptultchi and the Medibgösk was known to the Kalamans as Aksiluva. Sky Giants (Amadramidir) held dominion over the skynesses many millennia ago and the name Aksiluva is thought to be either Kalaman or ancient Geddamin. Few relics remain from the Aksiluva period and they are among the most priceless pieces of Medibgóëse archeology. The Giants of Aksiluva survived the Great Flood of Aturyanda, it is believed, thanks to their high position above the flood waters. They inherited the high technology of the Titans, but waned over the millennia until they no longer understood how it operated and could not reproduce it. Their exact degree of understanding is unknown and the secrecy which the modern-day rulers of Medibgö keep regarding the locomotion of the skynesses adds little knowledge to any inquiry.

Kalaman historians related that the Neptultchi Dragon Knights warred with the giants of Aksiluva for nearly a thousand years until they fell to the power of the Dragon Folk. Kalaman accounts present many giant tribes living on the various skynesses that quarreled with one another for petty disputes until united under a powerful warrior-mage under exceptional circumstances.

Tradition ascribes the defeat of the Aksiluva Giants to the Neptultchi Dragon Knights, but new evidence suggests that some of the Giant settlements on the skynesses endured past the Neptultchi period into the end of the second millennium before Salmakhamer and then were abandoned. It is widely accepted among scholars that towards the end of the conflict, the giants that did not succumb in battle to the Dragon Knights fled to the Disdrire and the Jaggudorns. Evidence from the minions summoned during the Anarch Wars suggests that some Aksiluvan Giants fled to the Realm of Chaos, although not all scholars accept this.

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