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Alascundy is a province in the Aurician over-province of Throvy.

The province of Alascundy lies in northeastern Throvy. Historically, Alascundy was an important grain basket and source of timber. Since the Anarch Wars consumed much of Alascundy with throe wastes, most of Alascundy has become largely uninhabitable. The unaffected lands of Alascundy are largely mountainous or forested and the province remains mainly rural. The parliamentary seat is Leva on the coast of the Sea of Magdaia. The Great Mage Dearth occupies nearly half of the land of Alascundy. Airdred's Waste is the other throe waste, much smaller, found in Alascundy. The Malvatic Forest and the Shaspat River, a tributary of the Ibrew River, are important features of the province.

Alascundy's north coast is edged east to west with the precipitous Dashi Igorian Mountains against the Sea of Magdaia. These tend to avert the harshness of storms from northern climes. The weather is somewhat humid due to proximity to the sea. The winters are mild with little or no snow and the summers can be rather warm at times. Dust from the throe wastes can have a harsh effect on farms immediately neighboring them.

The Incarnandist Monastery, the Refuge of Holy Purification in God Universal is found in southern Alascundy.

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