Alchemical College of the Magdalanate

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Established by the Guild of Alchemical Fellows in 2419 in Giffadain, Magdalanate, during the reign of Emperor Arí the Alchemical College of the Magdalanate was created from the Alchemical College of Giffadain. The highly prestigious college today educates qualified students in the full alchemical regimen, offering advanced interdisciplinary studies in esoteric gnosis, arcanism, elementalism, numinology, transmutation, and polycosmism, especially as they relate to alchemical practice. The college has produced some leading master alchemists and arch-alchemists through the centuries, including Brechara dalg Daffaiga Kalmaguha (2423 to 2488), Neif dalg Ogbruive Thrioch (2453 to 2528), and Griovain dalg Hairtha Luagma-Seha (2567 to 2645). The current enrollment of the college is nearly 2,000 with well-qualified scholars from throughout Pytharnia and abroad.

The Archives of the college are celebrated for their several important original and ancient copies of alchemical treatises, including the Ebercus Papyrus which is one of the prized texts of the Tasmogium Collection.

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