Amandal Dwarven Language

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The language of the indigenous Amandal Dwarves of the Amandal Plateau is called Amandalian.

Amandal Phonology Consonants
Point Simple Aspirated Glottalized
Point Simple Aspirated Glottalized
Bilabial Plosive p p' b
Bilabial Nasal m
Alveolar Plosive t t' d
Alveolar Fricative s s' z
Alveolar Affricative ts ts' dz
Alveolar Nasal n
Alveolar Approximant r
Alveolar Lateral l
Palatal Fricative sh sh' zh
Palatal Affricative c c' j
Velar Plosive k k' g
Velar Nasal ng
Velar Approximant w
Postvelar Plosive q q' x
Glottal Fricative h


||Front|Front|Back| ||unrounded|rounded|rounded| |close|i|y|u| |close-mid|e|ø|o| |open-mid|ai|| |open|a||

blends: i + vowel: iy, iu, ie, iø, io, iai, ia nasals: indicated by 'n' following vowel: in, yn, en, øn, on, ain, an:

Notes: The ' following a letter means it is aspirated. The 'voiced' letter actually indicated a voiceless sound followed by a kind of glottal sound.



  • Amandal
  • Tocolala
  • Jomula Qhai
  • Nucala
  • Lakkabud Qhai
  • Tocruna

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