Amandal Dwarves

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The ancient dwarves of the southern Jaggudorns are the Amandals and the great plateau of the highest mountains in the world is named after them. The swarthy coloring of the Amandal is prone to tanning in the sun-reflected snows of the mountaintops and their stout, compact bodies resilient to cold, dry air of the high mountain valleys of the Jaggudorns. The Amandal dwarf has coarse, black hair and deep purple to brown eyes. They are somewhat shorter than their other dwarven cousins. Like other dwarves, Amandals have thick beards and love ale and mead. Amandals are equally at home beneath the earth and on the snowy surface. Over the millennia, they have adapted methods of surviving in the high plateau of the Jaggudorns, relying upon their deepearth retreats as sanctuary from the giants and dragons not uncommon to the region.

Amandal Dwarves are one of the dwarven races which chose to remain in their mountain fastnesses during the Vorudian Cataclysms. The Qaish'aa name for their lands is Hurgva. They are regarded as indigenous to the southern Jaggudorns. Amandal dwarves have a fundamental belief in the afterlife and practice a religion unique to their race. While they do not object to the dwarven gods or any gods at all, they believe that self-control and spiritual discipline can enable one's greater preparation for the afterlife and future incarnations.

According to the legends of the Amandal Dwarves, they are the fourth dwarven race to inhabit the Jaggudorns. They believe that three dwarven races preceded them in the myriad years of prehistory.

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