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Ambrasian is a virtually extinct, Yophenthean language formerly spoken in what is now the Principality of Gonfaloy, through the Upper Durrhaunve Valley, into western Amosgire. Ambrasian derived from the vulgate language and was not recognized as a distinctive language until the late eleventh century. It persisted until about 1500 AI when it was overtaken by the Gonfalese Language, although some scholars believe it was spoken in small pockets well into the 1900's. Modern Gonfalese has a very large borrowing of words from Ambrasian and the modern dialects of Gonfalese are thought to be characterized by features from ancient Ambrasian even after a thousand years.

Ambrasian today is arguably extinct as there are no people who speak it as a single language or even as a first language, although it is spoken as a liturgical language by the Amyrnite clergy. There is a large body of Ambrasian literature and much scholarship in Ambrasia dedicated to its study. Movements to study and speak Ambrasian have arisen in several schools and clubs in Ambrasia and Gonfaloy. Ambrasian shares common features with Asbardian, its closest surviving linguistic sibling and there is some mutual intelligibility between the two languages.

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