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Amerzcelindo is a temperate region of lands resting on the north of the continent of Orrhymby. Amerzcelindo was explored by Dewyddairsh skycraft and later colonized by Yophentheans. Today Amerzcelindo is an independent federal commonwealth. Most Amerzcelindots are Incarnandist. Amerzcelindots are of many human groups, Dewyddairsh, Erechórebese, and others. Amerzcelindo is neighbored by the Dominion of Umbardia to the southwest and the dwarven state of Emegul-Thaudh to the southeast. Amerzcelindo fights continual skirmish wars with the Baradyrn of central Orrhymby. As Amerzcelindo does not have any direct political conflicts with other states of the Pallathantic, where it concerns the peace of Orrhymby and the Barardyrn, the commonwealth cooperates with the Aurician Empire and the Empire of Magdala who have colonial interests in southern Orrhymby. Umbardia and Amerzcelindo are allies again the Baradyrn.

Language and Culture

The spoken language of Amerzcelindo is the modern Dewyddairsh Language. Amerzcelindo shares many cultural practices that are similar to Dewyddair and southern Barathorn.


The dominant religion of Amerzcelindo is Incarnandism.

Commonwealth of Amerzcelindo

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A federal republic, the Commonwealth's revolution probably inspired the Auricese revolution. The Commonwealth consists of about seventy allied 'Freeholds.' Each Freehold enjoys a freely elected government with a great deal of autonomy over its internal affairs. However, Some geographically small freeholds have nearly direct democracy. The Governor-General of Amerzcelindo is elected by the various freeholds and serves a term of seven years. He cannot serve again. The capital of Amerzcelindo is Westborough where the Governor-General's Mansion [popularly known as Redstone Manor], the Freeholder's Assembly, and the High Tribunal are found.

The Amerzcelindon government includes other safeguards against tyranny and abuse of the rights of freeholders and its recognition of human rights is the most progressive in the world. Slavery of any human or demi-human race is illegal and the Amerzcelindon navy often commandeers slave-ships setting the slaves free. The Amerzcelindons have also put the principle of separation of Governor and Temple best to practice. The government sponsors no religion nor makes any religious requirements, with the notable exception of worshipping malign Chaos which can be considered a form of treason in some circumstances. Benign Chaos is legal, but socially unacceptable.

Amerzcelindo's limitless frontier impinges upon the Baradyrn hordes. Once, the Amerzcelindots were subjects of the Baradyrns—a period their artistic memory loathes. Perhaps, their love of freedom stems from this tyrannical age. The present forces of Amerzcelindo are powerful and include a navy, an army, and a potent airforce. By law, the muster of the three military branches cannot exceed the the total of the all the freeholds. Amerzcelindon tolerance does not seem to extend to the Baradyrn whom most freeholders dread. A small movement to make peace with the Baradyrn has arisen without much success. The freeholds on the frontier pay a hefty bounty for the corpses of Baradyrn who violate their territory, though in practice little effort is made to find out the details. The period of Amerzcelindon bondage to the savage Baradyrn has created an intense prejudice in the general people against all things draconian. The Amerzcelindo people refuse to use even domestic dragons in their airforce and most freeholds make the use of domestic dragon mounts illegal, especially on the southern border. Amerzcelindo has many trade ties with southern Barathorn and particularly Glaye and the Parkyon Skymark. Amerzcelindon Corpus Mercia vie with Aurice's in the extent of their travels. Recently, hearty freeholders have contemplated exploring the western sea in search of unknown continents.


  • 2615 Pheidips Solomblew leads revolutionary skyforce, Amerzcelindot Independence, Solomblew becomes first Lord Constable


• Dwarves of Old Hearth [?]

• Baradyrn Tribes emerge in Amerzcelindo and establish settlements & shrines to their gods.

• Barathorner Expedition explores Amerzcelindot coast, calling it Aesioa, is repulsed by Baradyrns, and returns to Erechoreb.

• Barathorner pirates set up coastal base, pay tribute to Baradyrns, and establish trade routes between Aesioa, Glaye, and Erechoreb.

• Yophenthean Expedition explores coastline, establishes base in Chremath’s Bay, and continues to sail down the coast of Orrhymby, never to return. Baradyrns attack base, but Yophenthean warrior, Salternach, repels them with his powers. Salternach repels other attacks, builds ships, and sails his settlement back to Glaye.

• Sun Emperor calls for further exploration of Amerzcelindo. Vicar of Glaye sends Lord Apisthérean with a fleet of twelve ships and they settle in Tuárean Bay, calling the encampment, Celindo. The Baradyrn Tribes launch an attack, but are crushed, and subsequently, they make a truce with the Yophentheans. Then, the Baradyrn Tribes create a coalition and declare war on the Yophenthean settlement. After heavy losses, Lord Apisthérean manages to hold off the Baradyrns until reinforcements arrive from Glaye. The reinvigorated Yophenthean force ventures into the hinterland, finds the mighty Baradyrn encampment and delivers a crushing blow. The Baradyrn God-Emperor is taken hostage and peace ensues for several months. Lord Apithérean orders a series of forts built around Tuárean Bay. Eventually, the colony becomes the city, Apisthério.

• Vicar of Nymentho sends the 5,000 “festival-rebels” and their slaves into exile to Orrhymby. They establish the colony of Srukean in the Holgarn Bay. The giants of Orrhymby pester them and kidnap their children for slaves. They make army of about 1,000 soldiers and slay the giants, recover captives, and build Fort New Erechoreb. The colonists establish their own “emperor” and sun-priesthood.

• Sun Emperor Erin-Turantúve II commissions two more colonies in Amerzcelindo, Erithragdyl and Eilúde. About 13,000 immigrants leave Erechoreb, Glaye, and Nymentho for the new land.

• A Sky tribe establishes a base in the Asgolike Mountains south of Amerzcelindo. They serve as merchants and give passage for fee. They exact tribute from the Srukean colony which sues for reconciliation with the northern colonies.

• The Sun Emperor Ancuívimil, during the Great Kalikán War, sends forth 70,000 persons, colonists, troops, and exiles to Amerzcelindo. They establish Colony Ancuívimil in Caldearth Bay. The Sun Emperor creates the Diocese of Amerzcelindo.

• During the Late Yophenthean Empire, a total of about 1,200,000 persons immigrate to Amerzcelindo.

• After fall of Yophenthea, the Vicar of Amerzcelindo creates an independent empire after the manner of Pytharnia and Zephasia, but his warriors betray him to the sky people who slay him and loot the treasury.

• The Diocese becomes the Republic of Amerzcelindo and pays tribute to the Sky warriors, but soon is disrupted by Baradyrn incursions. The various cities become autonomous. Old Yophenthean class divisions are cast aside. The warriors who claim descent from sky warriors become all-important and begin to experiment with skycraft.

• The allied forces of Amerzcelindo defeat the Kalikán sky fleet in the Battle of Rena. Amerzcelindo becomes a Commonwealth. Surges of immigrants cause the population to double in 20 years. Many of them monotheists seeking freedom from oppression and rejection.

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