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Amyrn is the capital of the Archpatriarchy of Ambrasia. The city center is an acropolis surrounded by a large suburban sprawl. Amyrn in ancient Kemerite times was the site of an important cult center to the sun god. The name Amyrn is a later adaptation of the name of the god Amrulon, 'Amir.' Amyrn is serviced by the Pytharnian Dragonrail System.


The High Priest of Amrulon, Amirtirthancar was an important founder of the medieval city who led the city to separate from the Arathracian Religion in the thirteenth century. Later in the same century, waves of colonists from Medibgö settled in Ambrasia, until their culture became the dominating one. The cult of the sun god Amrulon persisted.


Today the Gonfalese Language is the dominant tongue and only scholars study or know ancient Ambrasian which was the language that developed from ancient Moigthe and Classical Yophenthean. The Durrhaunvish Language is also studied by scholars and is the ancient Moigthe language that developed from Western Moigthe before the immigration of the Gonfalese in the thirteenth century. The dialect of Gonfalese spoken in Amyrn is called Ambyrnoig and shares several characteristics in common with the neighborning Rhaunvish and Banglarfa dialects.


An inhabitant of Amyrn is an Amyrnite. The descriptive term is also Amyrnite.

List of Sites of Amyrn

Archcollege of Amyrn
Titancrafters Guild School of Amyrn
Amyrnite Dragonrail Station (New City)
Amyrnite Dragonrail Station (East of Acropolis or High City)
Courtyard of the Sun Monks, Magisterial Palace of the Heliophants (Amyrn)
Heliotheological School of Amyrn, Heliotheological Library of Amyrn, Heliotheological Museum of Amyrn
Pilgrims Market (Amyrn)
Temple of Amrulon Sun God (Amyrn)
Temple of Bralla (Amyrn)
Temple of Ffarga Sky Goddess (Amyrn)
Temple of Harthrawg (Amyrn)
Temple of Palithreeta (Amyrn)
Temple of Rhewlla (Amyrn)
Theocratic State Museum of Art and Antiquities

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