Annals of Amyrn

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The Annals of Amyrn is an enriched chronology of the city of Amyrn written by Meibddraig borna Graín Syllwigch, a Gonfalese writer. Scholars traditionally date it to 1670 AI, although it may have been formally published as late as 1674. The Annals lists both major and trivial events by year and often by year and date in chronological order. The first several dates are long before the eleventh century and provided to give an outline of very early history of Amyrn, then dates are given regularly, starting with the eleventh century and coming to a completion in the late seventeenth century shortly before 1670. The source is said to be 'enriched' as several glossed versions have been published with annotations and notes by leading historians of Amyrn. The work is written in Gonfalese.

The Annals is an important source for scholars of Amyrn and of the Ambrasian Reformation and also for the Gonfalese Settlement of the Durrhaunve. The work was surely referenced by Hespeich borna Nasffa of Blamffa, the historian who wrote An Account of Early Gonfalese Settlement in 2632.

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