Annunciation to Saint Aireánnau

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This key event in the religious history of the Arathracian Religion foretells the birth of the Eight Sons of Arathrax by Aireánnau Mother of the Folk. The god Arathrax under the instigation of his wife, Elystra, has his seed placed in a decanter. He sends the messenger god, Skiánthra to Asdar and he appears to Aireánnau while she is bathing. He explains that she is chosen to be the mother of the sons of a new race who will conquer the world. He pours the seed into the bath and she bathes in it and conceives the first son, Erithraigean.

Depiction in Religious Art

This event is frequently depicted in Yophenthean Art. Aireánnau is shown in a gauzy robe, covering her breasts with her arms out of modesty as she stands, wet in a round pool of water paved with stones or marble. Skiánthra, Lord of Golden Eaglekind, appears perched at the window, his beak holding a golden string or golden chain attached to a glass decanter. A brilliant ray of sunlight is falling through the window onto the head of Aireánnau.

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