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The Arathracian Church in general means the Erechórebese Arathracian Church. It can also mean the Bambdringotine Archpatriarchs of Pytharnia. All these ecclesiarchs are Arathracians and they share the basic tenets of the Arathracian Religion, the salvific mission of the god Arathrax, the central mission of the demi-mortal cambion, Erethraigean and his seven brothers, the role of Aireánnau Mother of the Folk, and most of the corpus of Arathracian scripture. The Erechórebese adherents also acknowledge the supremacy of the Erechórebese Sunfather. The Bambdringotine Archpatriarchs of Pytharnia only acknowledge the preeminence of the Erechórebese Sunfather. They believe that the Erechórebese Sunfather should be subject to resolutions of the Holy Senate. See also the Concordat of Ddwbha (2457).

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