Arathracian Sacramentary

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An Arathracian Sacramentary collects the words and verses which an Arathracian priest ought to speak when officiating rites and celebrations of the Arathracian Church, particularly those obliged in Arathracian Temples and Shrines, including the Arathracian Liturgy. In the Erechórebese language, the word is gonchambadh which means the things adhering to the core ceremonies. Since there is no true equivalent of the 'mass' in Arathracian temple rites, it would be inappropriate to translate it as 'Arathracian Missal.'

The sacramentary differs from the breviary which includes personal prayers and observances generally not performed as a community or with the administration of priests.

Editions of the Arathracian Sacramentary

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