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Arathracian Scripture consists of the most ancient records and subsequent records over a period of more than two millennia.

List of Arathracian Scripture

The core works of Arathracian Scripture are compiled in the Book of Arathrax which is comprised of the following books.

Book of Arathrax
Coming of the Yophentheans: This record gives a very brief account of the gods, the creation of the world, the creation of the various humanlikes, the emigration of the goldenlings from Pytharnia to Erechóreb, and the rise of the Yophenths.
Commandments of Arathrax: ca 250 to 550, revelations to the Arathraciot and Calántuvese kings, starting with Erithraigean
Ascent of Aireánnau: attributed to third century, gives life of Saint Aireánnau Mother of the Folk, including the magnificat.

Ancillary Texts

These are texts which are very important to the church, but not deemed sufficiently worthy of inclusion in the Book of Arathrax. They give insight into the core beliefs of Arathracians in ancient times and in modern times.

Arathracian Prayers and Creeds

These are drawn from several ancient sources with modifications by subsequent sunfathers of the Holy Arathracian Church.

Arathracian Prayer of Redemption

Holy Arathrax, Firstborn of the Sun, if I am not thoroughly unworthy,
Restore my heart as at the first of dawn, when thou risest upon the world
and prepare for me in the rays of dusk a place in the eternal sun.

Sacrament of Washing

Administering Heliophant: Holy Arathrax, Firstborn of the Sun, hear our words as in the first times.
Holy Arathrax, we have prepared ourselves according to all the words
which thy golden-feathered servant spoke with solemn injunction.

Adjunct Heliophant: Supplicants, approach the holy basin.


Aireannavian Creed

I believe in Aireánnau, Mother of the Folk, and bride of Arathrax
who bathed in the holy water and conceived eight sons in their turn,
the sons of Arathrax, and they became his race;
in Aireánnau the Pious and Receiver of Skiánthra
who was spurned by her father and delivered by the god
to be the mother of kings and priests and the holy nation;
in Aireánnau full of faith and prayer at the sun’s appearing
whom Arathrax snatched into his chariot on the day of death,
to the eternal sun, immortal Arathrax, Savior and Lord.

Prayer of the Arathracian Knight

Radiant Lord Arathrax, firstborn of Amrulon and Eriu, Prince of Kings,
Make all my steps sure and certain as the course of the sun,
and steel my unworthy heart in the onslaught of furious battle.
Measure to my hand the fierce sword’s killing blow
and stanch my blood and cool my heart in the day of rage.
Raise my soul to the eternal sun, blessed son of Amrulon,
who shares victory with the stalwart and the obedient in equal portions.

Prayer to Holy Skiánthra

O Glorious Skiántha, Lord of Golden Eagles, servant to the Sun God,
Ever watchful and scourge of darkness, messenger of bright dawn,
Skiánthra, bring the priest all the word of Holy Arathrax,
and bear the souls of the righteous back unto heaven, the eternal sun.
Prepare the rites of the firstborn for the children of Arathracius
and administer them, golden messenger, to whom the dawn sun enlightens.

Confession of Saint Arathracius (Erithraigean)

The god is in me and my will is in the god. I and my brothers are the signs and the power of your god, Arathrax, who sired me that I may bring his salvation into the world.

Words of Arathrax

Injunctions to Arathracius from the Commandments of Arathrax “Thou shalt subdue the four winds and bring their bounty into my house. Thou shalt turn the hand of the heathen from his folly. Thou shalt bathe in the waters of the sun.”

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