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An Arathraciot is a person recognized by the Arathracian Church to be a lineal descendant of the god Arathrax through Aireánnau, Mother of the Folk. Sometimes the word 'Arathracion' or 'Arathracian' is used with the same sense.

Arathraciots were thought to share divine powers, inherited from their divine forefather, Arathrax. Among these powers were the ability to regenerate health by exposure to the sun, the ability to discern the truthful intent of a speaker, the ability to transmit health to another so as to heal or strengthen, resistance to the powers of necromancy and necromantic creatures, and the godlike presence or aura that induced awe and reverence in mortals. Other powers included the ability to raise from the dead and summon fire from the sky, but these were extraordinarily rare in Arathracian accounts.

Arathraciots anciently were golden-haired with yellow, golden-yellow, or pale orange eyes. They were taller than their mortal fellows and possessed of twenty to forty years longer lifespan than human norm. They were particularly sensitive to the presence of the Isxinthion Gods and that of their servitors, such as Skiánthra.

With the passing of each generation, the hereditary influence of the divine parent was thought to weaken, until at length the Arathraciots were considered virtually indistinguishable from ordinary mortals, except for appearance. Very rarely, an atavistic trait is thought to arise in a child. The trait is minor compared to the strength thought to prevail in the first generations after Erithraigean.

Bathing in the sacred water of the echteal satisfied requirements of piety to the gods and also was thought to strengthen or purify one's ancestral traits as an Arathraciot.

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