Archducal Treasure Towns

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The seventeen Archducal Treasury Towns were created in the twenty fifth century during the rule of the Prince-Governors of Bryndyd, appointed by Medibgö, when they were simply called the 'Treasure Towns of Bryndyd.' They rest upon the southern shore of Archduke's Bay, west of the city of Bryndyd proper. They are principally engaged in commerce and retain many of their historic enterprises and commercial functions in the Archduchy of Asbardy.

The towns were created to pay for the court expenses of the Prince-Governor and were given special immunity from other taxes and generally had a lower rate of tax to encourage merchants to store and ship their warehouse through them into Bryndyd and Asbardy. All revenues generated from them were used not for the general expenses of the state, but to pay for the maintenance of the princely residence and court of the Prince-Governor and his entourage.

After the Thracian Empire defeated the Medibgóëse Empire in the twenty sixth century (2500's), the towns were retained as sources of revenue for the Thracian Vice-royal Duke who ruled Asbardy. After the liberation of Asbardy in the Great Sky War and the establishment of the native monarchy, the Archduchy of Asbardy resumed the use of the towns for support revenues and the inchoate Archducal Diet renamed the towns the Archducal Treasure Towns.

Geographically they are regarded as part of Shirdhain Lumeais, the peninsula. The mayors of the seventeen towns are appointed by the governor of the Dominion of Shirdhain Lumeais with the tacit approval of the Archduke.

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