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Archontism is the name of the Incarnandist Sect which incorporates the beliefs of the Incarnandus with the teachings of the Lords of Creation. Adherents of this sect arose in Shelekhumbia, Ithatia, and western Corundy in the early Middle Ages. They are centered on the religious philosophical writings of Shelekhumbi Ibshithion of Shaakhudar (flourished ca 1430) and his pupil, Thuliocantis the Mirrhaimot (flourished ca 1445).

Archontics acknowledge a single, all-encompassing cosmic intelligence, but they believe that the seven Lords of Creation are archons, special angelic beings, which created the physical world and hold humans and other mortals trapped in the physical world. By coming into communication with the creator, the individual enables liberation of the soul. The archontics believe that the traditional interpretation of the Lords of Creation is incorrect and that these beings are actually amoral deceivers under the power of the demiurge which they believe corresponds with the Khahonrite god, Yal.

Archontics accept the authority of the Incarnandina, but they warn that no person, not even the Mother of God, can compensate for personal communication with God.

Today archontics are spread throughout the Pallathantic, especially in the greater cities where they form small communities. There are thought to be no more than 100,000 archontics in the whole world, although this estimate is dubious as the archontics have no central authority of their own and there is some latitude in the specific beliefs from community to community.

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