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Kalaman and Hœrnectian records along with oral traditions of civilizations remember that in the earliest times when the titans came to Asdar, they were at their most powerful state. This ur-race of titans is called the archtitans. Scholars believe they were 7.5m (24'6") tall and possessing great powers including existence in higher realms. They are ascribed with the creation of spell matrices that is, vast systems of inter-related magical powers that can be accessed by wizards with the proper training and regimen. Later generations of titans born on Asdar came to regard the arch-titans as lesser divinities. The arch-titans are thought to dwell still on their home worlds throughout the universe. The Isxinthion Gods are thought to be the offspring of one of the ancient ancestors of the arch-titans.

The archtitans are attributed with the creation of matricial arcana, that is, the magical constructs in the magical sphere otherwise known as spell-matrices.

Some of the arch-titans who dwelt and served on Asdar were Tamithakyah (male), Ayuspa (Aiospa, Titaness of the late 11,800’s AS), Kemphesok (male), Biba (female), Amshuph (male), Keyahe (female), and Khedana (female). Tamithakyah was called 'Timanthio' in Ithatian legend. He is shown in Kalaman accounts to be the master behind the creation of the hyphasmas.

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