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!width="120"|Constituent Units
!width="120"|Constituent Units
|{army}||army|| ? ||Grand Marshal|| ||entire Army||
|yuh||division||'adrunagh||general commander|| ||2 or more shuqanuma||
|yuh||division||'adrunagh||general commander|| ||2 or more shuqanuma||

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The skyforce, the army, and the navy comprise the Armed Forces of Oliblish. The Ithiraz'ite Sisterhood is not under the command of the king, but under that of the Incarnandina. All branches of the military have psychist specialists.

Chain of Command: Army

Royal Army of Oliblish Units at Ideal Strength
Unit Name Comparative Terran Unit Commander Comparative Terran Commander Soldiers Constituent Units Remarks
{army} army  ? Grand Marshal entire Army
yuh division 'adrunagh general commander 2 or more shuqanuma
shuqán regiment brigadier general ca 4,000 soldiers ca 6 or 7 mazlakhutha
mazlakháh battalion colonel ca 600 soldiers ca 3 companies
? company qarril captain ca 200 soldiers 8 to 5 qaws'utha
qaws'ah platoon lieutenant 24 to 40 soldiers 3 to 5 squads
? squad shujizáh sergeant 8 to 12 soldiers



  • ’adrunagh pl ’adrun nm general commander, general; used of Oliblishi military and to translate general from other languages cf. th’ughiya and harubíl.
  • harubiyl pl haribuwl nm general commander, cf th’ughiya
  • mazlakháh pl mazlakhutha [<me + zelekeh] nf military battalion about six hundred combatants
  • maswajáh pl maswajutha [<me + suja, swaj] nf 1 military, armed forces 2 hed-dajith maswajáh nf the whole military of Oliblish excluding the Ithirazite Sisterhood
  • qarril pl qarrayla [<qar + ril] nm military captain
  • qarrith pl qarrutha [<qar + ith] nf military captain
  • qaws’ah pl qaws’utha [<qewes’eh] nf military platoon, troop about 24 to 40 combatants
  • shujizáh pl shujizayma [?<shejaz anciently sergeants had colorful helmet plumage] nm military sergeant
  • shujizaya pl shujizayutha [<shujizáh] nf sergeant, sergeantess
  • shulzán pl shulzanuma [<shelez, shelezeh] nm military 1 military force 2 hesh-shulzán ’ajalah [<hel + shulzán + ajal sky] nm skyforce 3 hesh-Shulzán ’Ajalah Olibha Lishah The Skyforce of Oliblish
  • shuqán pl shuqanuma [<sheqeneh] nm military regiment, brigade, legion about four thousand soldiers or skymen
  • th'ughiya pl th'ughiyutha [<th’ugh] nf general commander, cf harubiyl
  • tí’lawa pl ti’lawma [<ti + ’eleweh] nm military skyman
  • tí’lawiya pl ti’lawiyutha [<ti + ’eleweh] nf military skywoman
  • tísrakha pl tisrakhuma [<ti + serekeh] nm military commander
  • z’arqánth pl z’arqanutha [<z’ereq] nf a titancraft warfare type of blespo, a levitating armored craft of war used in the Oliblishi Army
  • yuh pl yuhuma [<yeweheh] nm 1 division 2 military division of two or more shuqanuma
  • zulkh pl zulkhayma [<zelekeh] nm military soldier
  • zulkhiya pl zulkhiyutha [<zulkh] nf military soldier

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