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Asbardy is the name of the forked-tongue of lands that run to the end of the subcontinent of Pytharniaca. The core territory is called the Heart-of-Asbardy. Historically, the lands of Rhafindwor, Esphagonia, western Durrhaunve, and eastern Rhevia have been subject to the rulers of Asbardy. Asbardy can mean both the original core provinces of the Archduchy of Asbardy and also the expanded dominions of modern Asbardy today. The historic capital has been Bryndyd for millennia.


Asbardy is so named for the ancient Asbard Sky Tribe that migrated from Jamenth in the mid thirteenth century (ca 1260). They settled in what had formerly been the southern Yophenthean province of Rhaunvia in Bryndyd and around the mouth of the Rhaunve River. Chieftain, later King Elaksund the Conqueror, led several sky clans from Jamenth to invade southern Rhaunvia (Durrhaunve) with the collapse of the ruling Yophenthean Deavingeal Dynasty.

Climate and Topography

Asbardy has a temperate climate, mitigated by the relatively warm water currents of the Pallathantic Sea. This effect is brought deep into the interior of Asbardy, thanks to the Sea of Asbardy, a tongue of water reaching inland from the Pallathantic. Snowfall is very rare except on the high hills and the Grey Mountains in the north. Asbardy is famous for rolling hills of pine and oak, and wheat-filled farmlands that sweep to the horizon, with apple orchards and vineyards.

Languages of Asbardy

Linguistic Map of Asbardy and Neighboring Lands

The chief language of Asbardy is Asbardian. To the east, Gonfalese is a major language of Flisbardy. Asbardian is a child language of Classical Yophenthean. As the predecessor of the modern Asbardian Language is common to the predecessor of Classical Yophenthean, the exact origin of some words is deeply confounded. To the northwest of historic Asbardy is spoken Myernian, a language related to ancient Moigthe. Giant Languages are spoken in small settlements of the remnant giants of the Three Giant Islands. The Uryala gnomes speak their own language as do small settlements of halflings.

Political Map of the Archduchy of Asbardy

Archduchy of Asbardy

The Archduchy of Asbardy is the sovereign government of Asbardy and many adjoining subject lands. The Archduchy finds its origins in the Kalikan Viceroyal Duchy of the New Kalikán Empire. Agairth Srunamba, a native Asbardian led other nobles to overthrow the Thracian governor appointed by the King-Emperor of the Kalikán Empire. He became the Archduke of Asbardy and founded the first dynasty in modern times. His leadership in the revolt of other princes against the Kalikán Empire has been a source of national pride. In the twenty seventh century, Asbardy saw great expansion at the expense of her neighbors and some believe this tarnished the original reputation of Asbardy as a leader of independence. As a consequence of the Great Sky War, Asbardy inherited the Thracian colony of New Pytharnia which it governs to this day.

Archducal Knights-Draconic

Asbardy is particularly known for its maintenance of the ancient art of Dragonmount Warfare. Although titancraft warfare has eclipsed dragonmount warfare in the past two centuries, Asbardy keeps the ancient tradition to a high degree of fidelity unmatched throughout the Pallathantic in the Archducal Knights-Draconic of Asbardy.

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