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The great continent of Asdauria is far-reaching and touches many other continents, including Barathorn, Pytharniaca (Pytharnia), Bahuna, and Sungo. It is not far from Danona on the globe as well. Asdauria stretches across all manner of climes from steamy subtropical to frigid tundra, from mediterranean to the driest desert. Great forests such as the Vadsinkoinen Forest cloak whole nations of trolls and other creatures, while vast chains of mountains divide deserts from steppes, temperate regions from northern wilderness, and savannah from arid sand dunes. The mighty Shadew River begins in Asdauria and flows through Pytharnia to the Pallathantic Sea. The sprawling Sea of a Thousand curses rests nearly in the center of Asdauria, surrounded by barren wastes. In these wastelands are thought to be the buried cities of the ancient Titans before the Isxinthion Gods drove them from the world of Asdar. Many legends trace the origins of humans millennia ago from the core territory of Asdauria. Asdauria is the largest content on the world of Asdar.

Map of the Continent of Asdauria, outlined in yellow, in relationship to neighboring and contiguous continents


Philologers cannot agree on the origin of the word Asdauria, but prevailing scholarly opinion attributes its origin as a variation of the word 'Asdar' or the name of the world itself.


Asdauria is home to humans, uhlak herds, centaur herds, bands of trolls, Saikusahi skynesses, the skyfaring Tonan-Daruhi, and the dreadful Brasen Horde of the Shakhumbla. Arduous caravan and sea routes of merchants snake across Asdauria joining the fabulous riches of Sungo in the far east with the wealth of the Pallathantic Sea in the west. There are many treasures to be won and many a thief to undo the labor of months and years. Asdaurian regions can be as remote and inhospitable as any in Barathorn or Orrhymby. But Asdauria bears a diverse and rich history of cultures and traditions equal to no other continent in the old world.

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List of the Continents and Regions of Old World Asdar
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