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A lake dock of ancient Aturoksha

The pre-Midretassene site of Addinoro was the very ancient city of Aturoksha resting on the shore of Lake Vimal. The name means city of Atur, the ancient god of storms and warfare. Aturoksha was founded according to legend before 7000 AS and became an important site during the period of chaos cults. The city rose to great prominence thousands of years later at the end of the fourth millennium before Salmakhamer when it became the seat of the royal palace of the Sursaha Dynasty at the beginning of the Surizhah Kingdom.

Today little remains of ancient Aturoksha. There are retaining walls and palace foundations which suggest the lake's level of water was as much as one or two gnödva higher during the Surizhah Kingdom. Much of these are buried underneath the present-day city of Addinoro and thus impossible to excavate properly.

The Sursaha rulers chose the new capital as they were devotees of the god Atur and wanted to be close to the ancient site. Scholars believe the foundations of the first palace and its extensions along with the royal docks can be seen today.

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