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The Aturyandakumi [Aturyanda, child, devotee, 'yanda' of 'Atur,' 'Kumi,' tale or account] or the Epic of Aturyanda is the tale of the struggle of Aturyanda, King of the antediluvian city of Kathyasundi against the Chaos God, chiefly Lygdamion. The story is set against the greater struggle of the Gods against the Titans and Arch-Dragons and culminates in the Great Flood, with King Aturyanda becoming inextricably involved with the Titanomachy. Traditionalists place the events of the Epic of Aturyanda in the beginning of the 49th century before Saint Salmakhamer in the period of time immediately before the Great Flood or about 14,500 years before the present day. The Aturyandakumi was the seminal work of ancient Kalaman scripture and establishes the validity of Kalama as a classic Flood Survivor Culture.

The story was originally oral until it was recorded in the ancient Kalaman Language and has been translated into many languages, including Midretassene. Most modern-day translations are made from ancient Midretassene rather than from Kalaman. The Kalaman record is not widely available as the Kalaman language is known only to scholars.

The Aturyandakumi is an important component of Jathya-Dhumi cultural and religious beliefs.

The city of Kathyasundi is believed to lie under the waves of the Sea of Flooded Thrones.

Some scholars see a spiritual parallel between the Aturyandakumi and the Woes of Yophenthea, comparing Dantherak Spelúmtomil to King Aturyanda.


Part One

The protagonist is Aturyanda, Prince of the ruling city of Kathyasundi, a great city of the Drameggin Civilization.

must fight for hand of princess, wins her and marries her.

but her father is ruler of Balimarutha and devotee of Chaos God, Penjahl (Lygdamion).

Sets up trick that sets off war between Kathyasundi and father's kingdom.

The god Lygdamion claims the princess

The hero's helper is the centaur and they rescue the princess.

Meanwhile, the elite of the titans fight among themselves for rulership of the world of Asdar.

Part Two

The Gods notice the prince's service and the God Atur (Thwar) renames him Aturyanda and commissions him to help in the war against the Titans.

Aturyanda warns that the gods will flood the earth if the Titans persist

Aturyanda's city raises an army to fight the titans, but they are defeated in battle, due to the plots of the god Lygdamion.

The nobles of Kathyasundi in anger then send Aturyanda and his followers into exile in what later is called the Kalaman highlands.

The nobles make the city subject to the Titans.

A race of dragons attacks the Titans already embroiled in their own conflict.

The gods in anger decree a flood that destroys Kathyasundi. The Jahambuttha, great barrier above the earth made of water is destroyed along with the invading dragons.

Aturyanda and his followers are saved in the highlands of what is Vimalia or the heartland of (Kalama) and restart civilization.

Details and Ephemera

  • The Hezzoumet Sorcerers are mentioned by name at least three times.
  • Half-beast, half-human creatures are commonly employed as servants
  • The ancient city of Kathyasundi had a complex system of locks and merchandising
  • The titans flew about in great vimana-like vessels

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