Aurician Cult of the Golden Phœnice

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The Aurician Cult of the Golden Phœnice observes processions and public prayers as part of the state of the Noble Republic of Aurice. The Golden Phœnice is a divine entity worshiped since ancient times in the Jaggudorns and represents immortality, rebirth, and esoteric wisdom. The High Phœnissa is the intercessory priestess between the state and the divine entity and she is thought to be empowered by the Golden Phœnice who watches over, guides, and enriches the Noble Republic of Aurice according to state doctrine.

Adoption and Establisment

The Aurician Cult of the Golden Phœnice was introduced by Stalcast Bijäl in 2576. His wife, Mekarna Bijäl was ordained by an Amandal priestess from the Jaggudorns to be the first High Phœnissa of Aurice in the same year. Mekarna Bijäl subsequently appointed the women to fill the ranks of the College of Phœnissæ, primarily from the daughters of Stalcast Bijäl and noble families of Aurice. Stalcast did not force the nobles to observe the cult, but gave favor to those who did. Many Arathracians and Incarnandists refused to acknowledge the cult, but some did, especially harmonists. Bijäl then had the pageantry of the grand ducal house and Noble Senate become involved with the state observances of the cult. He changed the bestial device of his house from a red griffin to the Golden Phœnice.


The worship of the Golden Phœnice, consistent with syncretism, is not meant to replace or supplant other deities, but offers blessings and religious devotion for officers, nobles, and prominent persons of the Aurician State. The Golden Phœnice is an ancient divinity propitiated by the Amandal Dwarves in the Jaggudorns. The divinity is thought to predate the Isxinthion Gods and have the keys of immortality and spiritual enlightenment.

State Observances

The cult observes various prayers, processions, and rites in behalf of the divinities. The two most important holy days are the first of the year (summer solstice) and 18 Nightmoon which is Golden Phœnice Day and is observed with a procession through the city of Aurice and in the imperial cities blessed to have a temple to the Golden Phœnice. The High Phœnissa is present on Liberation Day (Aurice), 6 Rhiomel, at the Festival of the River Gods, 23 Magdymoon, and Tricolor Day, 15 Gallimoon.

Prayers and rituals performed in the temples are spoken in the Thracian Language with borrowings from the Amandal Dwarven Language.

State Documents

The edicts, decrees, counsels, and prophecies of the High Phœnissa and of the College of Phœnissæ are recorded and maintained in the Templary Palace in Aurice.

Temples of the Golden Phœnice

The greatest temple of the cult stands in the city of Aurice. Several (five) other temples of more modest size have since been erected throughout the Aurician Empire to enable locals to observe the cult. Donations and offerings to the cult are kept in the various temples with surpluses remitted to the Aurician Temple where the treasury is held in the temple proper and considered sacrosanct.

List of the Temples of the Cult of the Golden Phœnice

Auxiliary Organizations

The Phœnician Guard is under the control of the High Phœnissa who appoints the Captain of the Phœnician Guard. The Knights-Magi of Aurice hold protecting the cult abroad and pilgrims to its temples as part of their mission of service to Aurice.

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