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One of two schools of thought in titanology which holds that humans originated on Asdar and that accounts of ancient titans are simply confounded legends of the very ancient Geddamin in primitive times. Traditionally, autochthonism has been the widely held belief for the past two or more millennia among humans. The Arathracian Church favors it as it is consistent with the teaching that the gods created humans on the world of Asdar. Titanism has arisen in opposition to autochthonism in the past four centuries, largely due to the ascendancy of re-engineered titancraft which is seen by some as evidence of a highly advanced, pre-historic civilization among the titans. Balancing both extremes is mixochthonism which holds that titans brought exocosmic humans who interbred with indigenous humans.

Autochthonism is the official teaching of the Arathracian Church which holds that the Isxinthion Gods created humans on the world of Asdar.

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