Baimund Kaligär

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Thracian Viceroy Kalikán Viceroy of Aurice, Duke of Throvy, Zamiria, and Near Erserce. b 2526, Thrace; d 2573; ruled 2557 to 2573. slays Thortain Balamon in a duel, and semi-legally assumes office of viceregal duke, slain in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Pytharnia of the Great Sky War where he fought on the side of the allies against Thrace.

Chronology of Life of Baimund Kaligär

  • 2526 Baimund Kaligär born in Thrace
  • 2555 becomes a high captain in the skyforce of Aurice with his own contingent of Thracian-born sky soldiers.
  • 2557 slays Thortain Balamon in combat and becomes viceregal duke without consent of Thrace.
  • 2559 Creates title of Metropolitan of Aurice in 2559, to undermine power of the Old Nobility (Dukes and Barons). Appoints twenty seven new Metropolitans.
  • 2561 Office of Vice-royal Duchy of Erserce falls vacant due to assassination of Duke. Palace intrigue arises and Thrace fails to establish the viceroyal duke. Baimund Kaligär annexes Erserce. See Aurician Annexation of Erserce.
  • Manditchite War (2562 to 2567) Ersercean Rebel, Manditch of Erserce, allies with uhlaks and wages war against Aurice. Duke Baimund establishes the Grand Army of Aurice to fight the Brasen Horde of the east. Kaligär executes Manditch in Aurice rather than delivering him for execution in Thrace, contrary to wishes of the Kalikán rulers and this is one of his offenses they remember. Territory of Aurice expands as result of the war.
  • 2563 Duke Baimund Kaligär decrees that all the provincial parliaments of Throvy are sovereign, that is, they may not be dissolved by the ruler. He does this to bring himself into favor with the local nobles of Throvy during the Manditchite War.
  • 2565 Baimund defeats the new viceregal duke of Erserce and assumes rule of southern Erserce.
  • 2568, King-Emperor of Thrace outlaws Baimund Kaligär.
  • 2573, Baimund Kaligär fights in the Battle of Pytharnia on the side of the rebel forces against Thrace. Kadvast Jafferund Agdaisak, fighting on the side of the loyalists, is slain. Although he survives, Kaligär is slain in intrigues shortly after the battle concludes.

During the reign of Duke Baimund Kaligär, the Golden Book of Aurice was officially accepted by the Thracian vice-royal duke, although it is believed to have originated during the Medibgóëse Prince-Governorships.

Thrace sought to destroy him for his many insubordinations. In 2568, the opening of the Great Sky War, Thrace officially outlawed Duke Baimund Kaligär. Thrace installed Duke Kadvast Jafferund Agdaisak to replace him, but Agdaisak was unable to assume the mantle of control due to the loyalty of Kaligär's army and skyfleet. Both Kaligär and Agdaisak were slain at the Battle of Pytharnia (2573).

Duke Baimund Kaligär was slain in 2573 in the political intrigue in the immediate hours after the Battle of Pytharnia in the Great Sky War.

With the death of both the rebel and lawful dukes of Aurice, Ondaz Ädazund, the King-Emperor of Thrace installed Duke Viceroy Stalcast Bijäl in 2574 who would in turn prove faithless as well to Thrace.


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