Battle of Pytharnia

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Fought in 2573 Mistmoon over Trevirs, also known as Battle of Trevirs, Battle of High Pytharnia, saw the defeat of the Kalikán Imperial Skyforce. Duke of Asbard declares independence, allies with Skymark; continued belligerence of the League of Pytharnia. This battle was the turning point of the Great Sky War.


Formation of the League of Pytharnia in defiance of Kalikán Empire; Thracian Empire sends forces to crush the League of Pytharnia; Takes place in late autumn. Skyforces are expert at handling rough winds that precede winter and think to gain an advantage.

  • Aeolian Vaporcraft
  • Titancraft: early sky vessels commanded by Gorcorumbese allies.



  • Hegemon: Agairth Srunamba, native Duke of Asbardy was the general commander of the rebel commanders, Dragon Knights of Bryndyd play critical role
  • League of Pytharnia, led by Griovain Llyffclaw, was the greatest single commander under Srunamba Agairth.
  • Skymark Allies (Dewydair, Glaye, etc.)
  • outlawed Viceroyal Duke Baimund Kaligär of Aurice and his forces, but slain in the aftermath of the battle due to Political Intrigue, probably agents of Thrace.
  • Ithradic Dwarves, also rebelling against Thracian rule.



  • Duke Kadvast Jafferund Agdaisak and his skyforces from Throvy; he was installed to replace Duke Baimund Kaligär.
  • Thracian Imperial Skyforce (Elite Troops)
  • Jaggudornese Sky Allies
  • Jaggudornish Dwarven allies, constrained to give service to the Thracian Empire.
  • Buspa ("Himmelgraf") Bralcast Bijäl and his son Stalcast Bijäl help Aurician loyalists escape to Jagohr and thence to Thrace.


  • Aurician Sky units, some jump side from allegiance to Kadvast Jafferund Agdaisak to Viceroyal Duke Baimund Kaligär.
  • Medibgö provided only token troops and no dragonmount knights, not wishing to get entangled in the outcome and also not friendly towards Thrace which had seized the Meidbgóëse Empire decades earlier.
  • Gorcorumbese early titanships: Gorcorumb was the great ally of Thrace at this time as part of the Kalikán-Ephysgæes Pact.
  • Gorcorumbese surface to air titancraft artillery
  • dwarven engineers, impressed in the service of Thrace


  • Asbardy's independence is prolonged
  • Thrace struggles to rein in Aurice, a critical component of Empire. Stalcast Bijäl, seen as loyal, is sent to become Viceroyal Duke of Aurice.
  • Pytharnia, so close to Jaggudorn is able to assert independence, along with Medibgö.
  • League of Pytharnia allies are heartened.
  • Since Agairth Srunamba was the general commander of the forces of the Battle of Pytharnia, Asbardy was seen as deserving retribution even more than Magdala. Kalikán Emperor Ädaz Vädukund (regnavit 2546 to 2573) ordered and his successor, Ondaz Ädazund (regnavit 2573 to 2576, deposed) sent a punitive armada to crush Asbardy in what becomes the Second Battle of Jardonia (2574).


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