Besheth kath Miyanikhiya

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Incarnandina b 2238, Tishereth, Jerushabla, ascended 2283, d 2319, Eremetic Refuge of the Holy Pinnacle, Oliblish. The second of the great Isbajutha Incarnandinas, Besheth kath Miyanikhiya presided over the Isbajath of the Knights-Magi, the Sixth Isbajath, the Paphutaikim's Isbajath, the Petitioners' Isbajath, the Dúrandworese Isbajath, the Seventh Isbajath, the Eighth Isbajath, the Xsytes' Isbajath, the Ninth Isbajath, the Tenth Isbajath, the Lord Chulfarrin's Isbajath, the Eleventh Isbajath, the Isbajath of the High Magdalans, and the Twelfth Isbajath. Asenath kath Miyanikhiya, the great th'ughiya, was her oldest sister. Gidhoniel kab S'ephah was her younger brother. Married to Sha'adh kab Eth'eb, kath Miyanikhiya was the mother of Jazyal kab Sha'adh, 2261 to 2317, Imalya kath Besheth, 2263 to 2323, Muakhayn kab Sha'adh, 2265 to 2338, Ikhareth kath Besheth, 2268 to 2342, and She'eseleth kath Besheth, 2269 to 2303, the Incarnandina who succeeded her. Besheth kath Miyanikhiya is regarded as one of the founders of the Kingdom of Oliblish.



Primary Source Primary Sources

  • Exhortations of S'ephah kab Shaykhul, Late 23rd century, speeches, advice and wisdom given by S'ephah kab Shaykhul, father of Gidhoniel and husband to Incarnandina Besheth kath Miyanikhiya

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