Bexaloth Archmage of the Infinite Elements of Eternal Chaos

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Chaos Ruler b 2169, d 2302. r 2191 to 2302 (~111 years). Bryndyd Chaos Mage Ruler of Asbardy. Slain by Shadirya of Zephas. Bexaloth was possibly the most powerful of the Chaos Rulers, only exceeded by Prince Ulcanov of the Shattered Waters, thanks to the latter's use of the Scarab-of-Night-Turned-Day. Bexaloth's style of address was "Your Infinitude." Despite the Archmage's association with Chaos, modern historians have determined that he applied a highly organized system of governance, trade, and taxation to his dominion.

Bexaloth dwelt in a glamour of perpetually changing dimensions and shifting polycosmic energies. He was slain by Shadirya of Zephas in the Seventh Isbajath.


Bexaloth was associated with the other-realmly phenomenon called Onombria.

The Fairy Consort

In the twenty third century, he took an elven princess as his consort. Her name was kept secret and his subjects called her simply the Fairy Consort. During the Seventh Isbajath, her people aided the Archmage and his forces. The Fairy Consort ruled as regent of Bryndyd until 2301 when the Archmage returned. She was never captured by the tisbajuma and is thought to have escaped to the Disdrire Forest with the aid of her people, the Disdrirn Elves.


Llamgathsukba of the Beasts, the chaos ruler of Amyrn, was a vassal to Bexaloth. He personally fought with his chaos beasts in the First Battle of the Archmage (2288), but only sent a detachment of chaos beasts for the Second Battle of the Archmage (2302).

Relations with the Dragon Knights of Bryndyd

The Archmage attempted to bring the Dragon Knights of Bryndyd to his side during his conquest of Asbardy. A few came to his side, but when he found they were duplicitous, he began to destroy them. After the Archmage conquered Bryndyd, the knights remained in the country and continued to fight the Archmage's forces. The Dragon Knights who survived fled into exile to Medibgö where they became allies of Ddägduch Lord of the Flying Earth.

Seventh Isbajath



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Regnal Name Birth Year Rule Death Dominion Isbajath Cause of Death Remarks
Bexaloth Archmage of the Infinite Elements of Eternal Chaos 2169 2191 to 2302 2302 Asbardy Seventh Isbajath Shadirya of Zephas Associated with Onombria
Copazousa Daughter of Chaos 2094 2179 to 2251 2251 Deliops Fourth Isbajath Accidental Death Death attributed to accident
Ddägduch Lord of the Flying Earth 2162 2209 to 2391 2391 Bambnaskügchawr Ruler of the Skyness Bambnaskügchawr
Ishmutekebessa Goddess-Queen of Leh-Shelekhumbis 2102? to 2286 2286 Shelekhumbia Sixth Isbajath Jamiheya Daughter of the Wind
Lord Kualotha of the Groaning Earth 2238 2257 to 2311 ? Magdala Twelfth Isbajath unknown thought to have fled to another realm
Prince Ulcanov of the Shattered Waters 2087 2119 to 2278 2278 Throvy Fifth Isbajath Gidhoniel kab S'ephah Wielder of the Scarab of Night-Turned-Day
Titney the Magnificent Pest 2057 2083 to 2296 2296 Erechóreb Eighth Isbajath Jedhur Dragonwilled Slays Sunfather Kidorn III in 2083