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A Book of Manic Devotions refers to one of many copies of a book for the indoctrination and daily recitation of chaos cults. There are various traditions of this book throughout the Pallathantic, including the Ambrinquan Book of Manic Devotions, Asbard Book of Manic Devotions, Corundian Book of Manic Devotions, Cospian Book of Manic Devotions, Erechórebese Book of Manic Devotions, Goscundian Book of Manic Devotions, Pytharnian Book of Manic Devotions, and the Shelekhumbite Book of Manic Devotions. The most coveted of all these is the fabled Medibgösk Book of Manic Devotions.

The Goscundian Book of Manic Devotions is known for its most extensive passages with the prophecies regarding the Juffa, although all such books make references to the Juffa. The Goscundian Book of Manic Devotions reveals that the Juffa will come from the east and will unite different components of the world before uniting the mortal world with the divine world.

Common to all or most of these books is a portion known as the 'Lygdamionic Cantos' which express adoration for the god Lygdamion and present secrets of chaos ecstasy for the initiate. For this reason, Lygdamionite warrior-monks are thought to be the principal authors of these texts.[1]

Possession of a Book of Manic Devotions in some jurisdictions is grounds for investigation for the crime of practicing chaos worship. Only recognized museums and institutional libraries are permitted to keep such books for serious scholarly research.

An invocation text found in most versions of the Book of Manic Devotions.

O, Chaos-bringer,
Lord of Madness,
Anarch and Infinite Nothingness,
Bring us Wild Light!

There is also typically a chapter or two dedicated to the god Psassos, self-proclaimed vizier of Lygdamion.



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