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Theo-philosophers number the gods of Chaos in the thousands, positing their continual change and transformation. Yet, common people have transmitted the worship of the same gods of Chaos for centuries. The word 'chaos' means a shapeless void, usually the source of creation, but also the power of primeval forces to reduce creation to its formless origins.

Today, the worship of true gods of Chaos is proscribed in most nations of the Pallathantic in agreement with the Accord of the Princes of Law. The Incarnandist Isbajutha and the Arathracian Church's ideology and backlash against the subsequent tyranny of Chaos Rulers of the Middle Ages has seeded the minds of many with a deep-seated loathing of deities that are openly chaos-oriented.

Some historians believe that the god Rhio was originally a god of Chaos before the time of Salmakhamer who was included in the pantheon of Isxinthion Gods.

Anarchs versus Communions

Chaos Gods are very little subject to hierarchy, but do observe the distinction between the Anarchs and the Communions. The Anarchs are the shapeless, inscrutable highest forms of Chaos Divinities, while the Communions are ultra-powerful beings manifesting in physical form to mortals. The Communions are considered the means of communication between limited mortals and the Anarchs which are beyond mortal comprehension. The names and understanding of Anarchs is obscure and most scholars believe the Anarchs do not actually have names and are simply a personification of pure chaos energy.


The ozhorg are divine or transcendental forces that express the changeable energy of chaos.

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