Chronology of Erechóreb

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The history of the isle of Erechóreb is most often divided into those accounts that describe the period before the advent of the Goldenlings and the time afterwards.

Chronology of Erechóreb

  • ca third millennium AS, Pallathantic Tribesmen settle in southern Erechóreb and become the Dramutes.
  • ca 250 AS: Goldenling Tribes emigrate by boat from western Pytharnia and settle in western Erechóreb
  • 208 Birth of Aireánnau Mother of the Folk
  • ca 200-300 AI: Yophenth tribe adopts early Arathracian Religion and unites Erechóreb under their rule.
  • 298: Yophenthean conquest of isles of the Sea of the Dead

Battle of Mountain Gorges Battle of Maze Winds Nymenthonese Wars Treaty of Siul


??? BA Emergence of the Shachábdin from the Pomoph-Khashid on Erechóreb.

500 IR to 600 IR Passage of early Xsyte tribes to eastern Nymentho.

700 IR to 800 IR Ithatian colonization of Thuwot -- Western shore and Erethrob.

990 IR Battle of the Golden Tribes 990 IR Passage of the Goldenlings

1055 IR Birth of Annárva Queen of the Erigiu 1058 IR Birth of Arsórean King of the Yophenths

1108 IR Birth of St. Aireánnau Annarváse 1141 IR Battle of Mountain Gorges 1168 IR Battle of Maze Winds 1186 IR Nymenthonese Wars, 1186 IR to 1203 IR

1274 IR Treaty of Siul (1274 IR)

1369 IR Battle of Danallo 1369 IR to 1416 IR Great Pallathantic War (1369 to 1416 IR) 1413 IR Battle of Siul

1563 IR Heliarchic Empire begins, duality of Heliarch and Heliocrat

1609 IR to 1613 IR Elanaivese War (1609 to 1613 IR) 1680 IR to 1706 IR Great Kalikán War (1680 to 1706 IR)

1706 IR First Aerial Sack of Yophénthë 1707 IR Patriarchal Interregnum, (1707 to 1744 IR) 1745 IR Theocratic Empire, Arathracid Dynasty, Secularization of Isle of Erechóreb 1785 IR Second Aerial Sack of Yophénthë, Sambigean Dynasty Removed

1886 IR Fall of Yophénthë Sky Tribes Coalition assaults capital city, burning buildings with fire. 1886 IR to 1892 IR Bathalean War (Asbardy) 1887 IR Yophenthean Successor States (1887 to 1961 IR) 1888 IR to 1895 IR Sunfather Investiture War

1904 IR First Council of Yophénthë 1908 IR Solar Bull of 741 YR promulgated by Galbry Alitharean, the Sunfather of Yophénthë 1962 IR Yophenthean War (1962 to 1975 IR) 1993 IR First Kalikan Empire (1993 to ~2035 IR), Ancient Kalikan Empire, Rule of Eleven Dukes (Addahki) [Thruagda, capital of Erechoreb]

2006 IR Fourth Council of Yophénthë

2285 IR Invasion of the Chaos Fleet (2285 IR) in Rhafyx and Erechóreb

2333 IR to 2442 IR Rule of Titney the Magnificent Pest, b 2312, d 2442. Chaos Prince of Erechóreb 2442 IR Jedhur Dragonwilled slays Titney the Magnificent Pest in culmination of Eighth Psychic Crusade

??? IR Re-Establishment of Kingdom of Erechóreb ??? IR Kingdom of Erechóreb conquered by New Kalikán Empire

2525 IR, Signatory to Accord of the Princes of Law

2569 IR, Gorcorumbese Giants invade and conquer Erechóreb as part of the Fourth Geddamin War 2571 IR, Rule of Erechóreb transferred from Gorcorumb to New Kalikán Empire

2576 IR Kingdom of Erechóreb becomes vassal of Skymark

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