Classical Yophenthean Language

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Classical Yophenthean Language was spoken in ancient times in Erechóreb and elsewhere as the official language of the Yophenthean Empire. It is spoken today by scholars and ecclesiastics as a language of academia, of the Arathracian Church, and sometimes diplomacy. Descended from the Moigthe Languages and thus from the Donavish Languages, Classical Yophenthean was spoken from roughly 300 AI to 1200 AI and is the predecessor of the modern Erechórebese Language. Classical Yophenthean is regarded the source of all the Yophenthean Languages. Yophenthean is descended from late Rhaunvish, a Moigthe Language spoken in southwestern Pytharnia around 1400 AS to 250 AS. Erechórebese is the direct daughter language of Classical Yophenthean.

Descendancy of Classical Yophenthean Language

PG (up to 6300 AS) → AHG (6300 AS to 4800 AS) → Don (4800 AS to 3650 AS) → Early E-P (3650 AS to 3100 AS) → PMo (3100 AS to 1900 AS) → CoMo (1900 AS to 1400 AS) → Rhnv (1400 AS to 250 AS) → ArYo (250 AS to 300 AI) → CY (300 AI to 1200 AI) → ComE (1200 AI to 1600 AI) → MidE (1600 AI to 2000 AI) → ModE (2000 AI to 2750 AI)

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