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The College of Phœnissæ is the organization of priestesses of the Aurician Cult of the Golden Phœnice. They are under the direct jurisdiction of the High Phœnissa of Aurice. The Phœnissae are protected by the Phœnician Guard. Phœnissae are selected as young children from Aurician noble families, sometimes born out of wedlock, but more often the daughters of Elder Phœnissae. A golden Phœnissa must remain a virgin until she is deemed an elder, usually at the age of thirty when she may marry. Upon the death or the very rare removal or departure from office of a living High Phœnissa, the Elder Phœnissae enter conclave and elect the new High Phœnissæ.

The Regent Phœnissæ of the various temples of the Golden Phœnice outside of Aurice are appointed by the High Phœnissa of Aurice from among the College of Phœnissæ. Each Regent Phœnissa is the chief administrator and officiator of the respective temple she governs and she is regarded as the plenipotentiary representative of the High Phœnissa.

The public costume of the Phœnissæ consists of a long, draping robe, a fold of which is hung over their head like a hood for modesty and show of reverence. The robe is made of either cashmere in the winter or linen in the summer, dyed in costly purple dye and lavishly embroidered with gold silk thread. The robe covers the whole body down to the ankles and includes a hood. The High Phœnissa was permitted to have her head uncovered for ceremonial and public purposes. In any event, the face of the Phœnissa is left uncovered.

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