Commonwealth of Sardeichs

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The Commonwealth of Sardeichs was created in 2479 following the liberation of the southern Jaggudorns from the rule of chaos sorcerers and cultists. The association of dwarven guilds and financiers invited crafters from elsewhere in the southwestern Jaggudorns. Sardeichs had been an independent kingdom since the seventh century when House Khuvazatsh, fled Yophenthean-subjected Dagdoria in 633 and established the independent Kingdom of Sardeichs. The small kingdom persisted, becoming subject to Dagdoria in a later age and then subsequently regaining independence. By the Middle Ages of Chaos, the kingdom was overthrown and ruled by chaos cultists. When the city fathers and families gathered to re-establishment the lawful government of the city, they elected to form a non-monarchical self-government.

The Flag of the Commonwealth of Sardeichs differs from the capital city's administrative flag

Today the governing body is the Ti'udh, commonly translated as the Corporo-mercial Council of Sardeichs which consists of deputies from the various corpora mercia and guilds of the commonwealth. The Ti'udh holds sovereign power for the state and appoints the various ministers and officers of the city-state.

The Commonwealth is one of the founding members of the Dwarven Customs Union of the Jaggudorns. The main headquarters of the High Bank of the Jaggudorns is located in the Commonwealth of Sardeichs.


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