Cult of Zulmani

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The practice and beliefs of the Zulmanichites is called the Cult of Zulmani. Its Thrystonese prophet, Zebdomanius, first preached his faith in the purifying power of the fiery god of resurrection, Zulmani, during the late Yophenthean Empire (9th century).

Zulmanichites acknowledge the power of their god to purify the soul and to restore life to mortals through the power of fire which they regard as the most powerful and transcendant of the four esoteric elements, earth, water, air, and fire. The sacred fire is an important component of Zulmanichite worship and observance and every Zulmanichite temple has at least one brazier of perpetual flame.

The Cult of Zulmani spread widely alongside traditional worship from Thrysto and into Kesheph, Narshad, Denzahmia (now Zarajove). To a lesser extent, it spread into the isles of the Pallathantic, Corundy, west Weshif, Shagrela'al, and Izibjaal.

Today the Cult of Zulmani exists as a very small minority religion. It is thought there are fewer than 1,000 practitioners worldwide, nearly all of whom live in Danona.

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